Chapter 13: New Technologies in PR

The Internet gives PR people a multifaceted form of worldwide communication and extensive access to audiences for strategic research opportunities.  The following are a few of the main uses of the Internet by PR pros:

  • Email Distribution:  Ex: messages to individuals, transmission of news releases, pitch letters to media offices.
  • Web Sites:  Provide a way for organizations to tell Internet users what they do, to publicize projects, and to support policies.
  • Blogs, Moblogs and Vlogs:  A blog is a regularly updated online journal that also has links to news items and stories on the web.  Mobs post content to the Internet from a mobile device.
  • Really Simple Syndication (RSS):  A web based process of searching and gathering together news and information that is then fed to the user’s computer or wireless device.

PR pros should keep the following facts about the Internet in mind:

  1. Its reach is worldwide.
  2. The content of the Internet is virtually uncontrolled. 
  3. Issue tracking can be more thorough using the Internet and far more immediate.

The Internet introduces several innovations in existing research methodologies.  Here are just a few:

  • Hybrid Surveys
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Online Experiments
  • Copy Testing
  • Online Theater Research

In addition to  the benefits of the Internet, there are also problems PR people should keep in mind:

  • Search engines are prioritizing search results based on fee payments from companies and organizations, biasing search results.
  • There is still a fairly high skill level required to set up a functional website.
  • Controversial security problems and legal questions of copyright infringement, libel, invasion of privacy, and pornography remain unsolved.

News Release Delivery: More than a dozen American companies deliver news releases electronically to large newspapers and other major news media offices.  Releases are transmitted by satellite tend to receive closer, faster attention from media editors than those arriving by mail.

Video and Audio News Release Distribution:  Satellite transmission makes the fast distribution of video news releases possible.

Teleconferening:  Groups of people separated by many miles can interact instantaneously with strong visual impact, saving time and transportation costs.

Webconferencing:  A less expensive alternative for videoconferencing.

This information was taken from the book  Public Relations Strategies and Tactics, Ninth Edition by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.

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