Turning Another Year Older

I have always been the person that gets pretty excited over birthdays.  When you turn 16, you get your drivers license.  18 is exciting because you can vote and have more responsibilities.  Once you turn 20, you can start getting excited about 21.  Then 21, you’re legally an adult and finally have the option to drink an alcoholic drink after a long hard day!  However, turning 22, for me anyways, was not that exciting.  My birthday was March 29, which fell on a Sunday.  I was less than thrilled about that because then you have to celebrate early, and then it’s just not really quite the same.  I had a great birthday though.  Some friends took me to Mellow Mushroom for dinner, and I came back to find that my boyfriend had been scheming with some friends to throw me a surprise party.  It was really sweet of all of them.  We all had a great time, and I’m so lucky to have such great people in my life!

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River Trip

On Saturday morning, my boyfriend and one of our guy friends and I all went to the Okmulgee River.  We had a little john boat and decided to ride up and down the river.  At first, I wasn’t too thrilled on the idea of waking up so early on a Saturday, but I’m glad I did!  We packed the cooler, got some snacks, and were on our way!  We got there around 11, and it was already hot.  I have never bought sunscreen before; my parents always did.  Plus, I always like to tan, so usually if I wear anything, it’s tanning oil.  Well, for this trip, that was not my smartest idea.  We all ended up getting fried.  I thought I had a decent enough tan not to burn that bad, obviously not. 

Anyways, we had a great time riding around.  It was actually very pleasantly relaxing.  I figured it might be somewhat boring, but we had so much fun!  We would get out and swim around when we got too hot.  The water actually wasn’t that cold;  it was just right!  We probably stayed out there from 11am til 6.  I was tired out by the time we left and passed out on the way back home.

I’d never gone on a little trip like that before, but I really enjoyed it.  I can’t wait to go again!

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Swine Flu

The Swine Flu has put people in Mexico and the United States in a frenzy.  There have been 68 people in Mexico who have already died, and there are eight cases discovered in the United States.  The U.S health experts have found that more than 1,000 people have gotten sick with the swine flu.  The swine flu has been found in California and Texas and is now spreading to other states too.  Schools in Mexico have been closing down, and travel to Mexico has also been put on hold.  I saw on the news that teenagers in the U.S. have gone to Mexico for spring break trips, and several of the people have come down with symptoms on the swine flu. 

This is a major crisis happening right now.  Public relations people will obviously play an important role in informing the public about the swine flu.  The public is concerned with where the swine flu is and how it will affect them.  It is up to PR people to attempt to control the crisis and find ways to help the situation. 

As for me, my family and I were supposed to travel to Cancun, Mexico the weekend after finals.  After hearing about all of the swine flu on the news, I was honestly too scared to go down there.  My Dad found out that the airline we were going to travel with is refunding all tickets to Mexico.  Needless to say, I am extremely relieved.  The point I was also going to make was that, along with the PR people controlling the swine flu in general, PR people for airlines are also having to come up with ways to turn this crisis around for people. 

As of now the swine flu is not considered a pandemic, but according to Dr. Jay Steinberg, an infectious disease specialist at Emory University Hospital, “History predicts that flu pandemics tend to occur once every 20 years or so, so we’re due for one.”

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Easter Weekend

I was pretty excited to go home for Easter this year.  I don’t have a long way to go back home, but I still always dread that boring ride on I-16!  Once I finally made it home though, it was nice to see my parents and pets.  We took it easy all weekend, which is nice to just be able to relax.  On Saturday, we took Daddy’s sailboat to Lake Sinclair to just sail around.  He always seems to buy the most random “toys” and never uses them, so I was glad he finally got to get some use out of it, and I was kind of excited about it myself.  We had lunch on the lake, and then ate dinner at a little seafood place.  As for Easter Sunday, we really didn’t do anything big this year.  A lot of my family usually go over to my great-grandmother’s house for lunch, but we decided to just have lunch with each other.  We had a delicious ham and some other tasty things and watched the Masters.  I was rooting for Phil and was pretty disappointed he didn’t win!  I hope everyone had a happy easter!

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Spring Break in Destin


Spring Break could not have came faster this semester!  It always seems to come right around the time when you feel most stressed out, so needless to say, I was more than happy to take a break and go to Destin, FL.  Some of my friends and I headed down there and just had a great time.  The weather was beautiful!  We laid out every day and worked on our tans, which we all needed to do at the time since Statesboro weather took forever to warm up this year!  We ate awesome seafood every night, which is probably my favorite type of food.  It was such a nice week, and I’m so thankful to have such great friends.

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