WKRP: “Turkeys Away”

In our Public Relations class today, we watched WKRP: “Turkeys Away”.  In the show, the station manager was obviously bored and started somewhat getting in the way of the other employees.  He got an idea of giving away turkeys out of a helicopter for Thanksgiving, but he wanted to keep it somewhat of a secret.  Needless to say the plan blew up in his face.  The show was amusing, but it was also very important in learning about public relations.  I learned that it is so important for people working together to communicate with each other about problems.  It is also important for people to all be on the same page about a promotion.  Another thing I learned from WKRP was how important research is in public relations.  The station manager did not realize that turkeys couldn’t fly; therefore, his plan was a definite failure.  It is vital for everyone to work together, stay organized, and do research when doing projects in public relations.

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