UGA Professor Wanted for Murders

On Saturday afternoon, April 25, a tragic event happened in Athens, Georgia.  The University of Georgia marketing professor, George M. Zinkhan III, 57,  was accused of shooting and killing three people and wounding three others.  Zinkhan opened fire outside a community theater and then fled the scene.  The victims included his wife Marie Bruce, Ben Teague, and Cole Tanner.  The shooting was said to be a “crime of passion.”  Airports are being monitored in case Zinkhan tries to head to a house he owns in Amsterdam.  Authorities have launched a nationwide search for Zinkhan, but have yet to find him. 

I believe UGA has handled this crisis very well.  They immediately notified students on the campus website with his pictures and information about the shooting.  Public relations played such an important part in this event because it was UGA’s priority to protect their students and also their reputation as much as possible.

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